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PT040830 View Catalogue  Main Category: Air Supplies  Sub Category: Air Hose Reels- PU/PVC PU NET HOSE REEL IN METAL ROTARY BASE    PU NET HOSE:8 (ID) x 12 mm (OD) x 30M    WITH 1/4" AIR INLET & OUTLET             N N
    SIZE                              LENGTH                                                                    
  PT040830 ID:  8mm    OD:12mm            30M                                                                      
  PT040630 ID:6.5mm  OD:10mm              30M                                                                    
  PT040835E ID:9.5mm  OD:14.5mm          30M                                                                    
PT040730 View Catalogue  Main Category: Air Supplies  Sub Category: Air Hose Reels- PU/PVC PU NET HOSE REEL WITH METAL HOUSING      PU NET HOSE:10 (ID)x 15 mm (OD) x 10M    WITH 3/8" AIR INLET & OUTLET             N N
    SIZE                                      LENGTH                                                            
  PT040708 ID:  8mm,  OD:12mm                    8M                                                                
  PT040710 ID:  8mm,  OD:12mm                  10M                                                                
  PT040712 ID:  8mm,  OD:12mm                  12M                                                                
  PT040715 ID:  8mm,  OD:12mm                  15M                                                                
  PT040730 ID:10mm,  OD:15mm                  10M                                                                
  PT040730A ID:9.5mm,  OD:14.5mm              12M                                                              
PT040707 View Catalogue  Main Category: Air Supplies  Sub Category: Air Hose Reels- PU/PVC PU NET RETRACTABLE HOSE REEL             PU NET HOSE: 8 (ID) x 12 mm (OD) x 8M    WITH 1/4" AIR INLET & OUTLET             METAL HOUSING DIAMETER : 27 CM           N
    SIZE                              LENGTH                                                                    
  PT040707 ID:8mm  OD:12mm                    8M                                                                    
  PT040707A ID:8mm  OD:12mm                  12M                                                                    
  PT040707B ID:8mm  OD:12mm                  15M                                                                    
  PT040732 ID:9.5mm  OD:13.5mm            12M                                                                  
PT042925 View Catalogue  Main Category: Air Supplies  Sub Category: Air Hose Reels- PU/PVC AUTOMATIC RETURN HOSE REEL, FLOOR MODEL  PU NET REINFORCED HOSE 8mm x12mm x30M    BOTH ENDS WITH 1/4" MALE THREAD FITTING  + BLUE PROTECTION                        N
    SIZE                    LENGTH                                                                              
  PT042925 8mm      x12mm        30M                                                                                    
  PT042930 9.5mm  x13mm        30M