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TV110105  Main Category: Clamping, Metal Working  Sub Category: General Clamps, Metal-Working ALL STEEL CLAMP, T HANDLE, 200 x 120mm   RAIL: 30 x 15mm                          PRESSURE: 1,200 KGS                      WEIGHT: 2.30 KGS                         T HANDLE WITH HEXAGON END               
  SPAN        DEPTH        PRESSURE                                                                      
  TV110105 200mm      120mm        1200Kg                                                                          
  TV110106 250mm      120mm        1200kg                                                                          
  TV110110 400mm      120mm        1200Kg                                                                          
  TV110112 500mm      120mm        1200kg                                                                          
  TV110114 600mm      120mm        1200Kg                                                                          
TV110310 View Catalogue  Main Category: Clamping, Metal Working  Sub Category: General Clamps, Metal-Working HURDLE-FREE CLAMP (300mm OPENING)        WITH CHANGEABLE PAD                      DEPTH: 140mm U-TURN : 100 mm             RAIL: 25 x 12mm                          WITH T TYPE HANDLE                      
  SPAN          DEPTH          PRESSURE                                                                  
  TV110306 250mm        120mm            550kg                                                                      
  TV110310 300mm        140mm            650kg                                                                      
  TV110311 300mm        140mm          1100kg                                                                      
  TV110321 300mm        175mm          2200kg                                                                      
  TV110323 400mm        175mm          2200kg                                                                      
  TV110351 500mm        140mm          1100kg                                                                      
  TV110325 500mm        175mm          2200kg